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Среда, 19 Ноябрь 2008
Deten: Цитирую!
>> The new super computer - Jaguar. It"s comprised of over 45,000 quad-core Opteron processors, 362TB of RAM, and has a 10PB (petabyte) storage array, able to perform calculations at a massive 1.64 petaflops.

Krillian: Даже и не знаю, что еще мне добавить :)

Deten: Погоди, цитирую комментарии:

I need two.

bob sakamano:
will they be releasing a netbook sized version of this anytime soon?

Can i get a discount for bulk orders?

Steve Childs:
Sod Crysis, will it run Vista?

screw Crysis... this monster can divide by zero and... dare I say it... succeed! *gasp*

too bad Chuck Norris is still faster
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